Our modern age has brought many benefits, unfortunately with that our children have lost their ability to “play” as their imaginations are developed in front of TV screens or computers. It is a known scientific fact that as children grow up, the more they play, jump, swing and roll around, the more their brains and overall academic performances are developed. The more children socialize through the medium of exercise the more they later achieve to become useful members and mature adults in society.

Physical exercise was a normal part of our forefather’s development. Today, children are growing up with little or no physical exercise and this has produced a generation of children who are unable to cope with modern day pressures and normal school activities. Many children are unsure, insecure, lacking confidence and totally stressed out by any form of outdoor activity or any competitive resource not associated with TV or PC based activities.

Our lessons are carefully structured with a maximum of 10 students per group thus guaranteeing personalized attention. Using sport we develop the necessary life skills needed for normal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance both on the sports’ field and in the classroom. Each and every class is unique and has been designed to build on the previous class until children have a broad grasp of the below mentioned different sports. Added to this we believe in helping to build a child’s confidence until he or she is ready to participate in whatever sport they choose.

This program is for 2-8 year olds. Starting with the basics, our program has been designed to help develop children in the correct techniques of over 10 different sports such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, netball, soccer, hockey, cricket, tennis, rugby and athletics. Sportswise Kids can bring a new and exciting dynamic to your child’s life both on and off the field. In the growing field of foundational sports development we are the Market Leaders and Specialists in Children’s Sports’ Development Programs!!

In this first stage children learn basic concepts like learning in a structured environment, listening, colours, shapes and spatial development. Fine and gross motor skills and basic movement skills are developed in a fun and non-competitive environment. Sport is introduced as fun whilst developing the overall mental and physical well-being of a child. These lessons are 20 minutes long.

In this second stage sport and ball skills are fun and this idea forms this basis of this stage synonymous with a lifelong commitment to sport and health. The structure of these lessons allows for the ideas of respect, honour, discipline and safety to be introduced as standard during any sporting class. More advanced ball skills are developed whilst the focus of balance, movement and proprioseptive (knowing where a body part is in relation to the space around you) games are introduced as each class builds upon the last. These lessons are 20 minutes long.

In this third stage more “sport structured” classes and ideas are introduced. Emphasis is placed on developing hand-eye co-ordination and other growth points of interest like crossing the midline, agility, vestibular (to do with balance and the inner ear) and other more detailed exercises are introduced. Aspects like hitting, dribbling, headering, kicking and throwing are all taught within the different contexts of the various sports involved. These lessons are 30 minutes long.

In this fourth stage the idea of teams and teamwork is developed in relation to the ten different sports taught by Sportswise as well as their sporting codes of conduct. Honourable behaviour is introduced and school readiness becomes a priority. Correct techniques in the various sports are taught as coaches focus in on making sure that the basics are correctly developed and any bad habits eliminated. These lessons are 30 minutes long.

In this fourth stage students are taught more advanced ball skills using ten different sports as backgrounds for the exercises. Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Rugby and Athletics are all slowly introduced. Each and every exercise is designed to bring out a child’s maximum skill level within each and every student’s ability. These lessons are 30-45 minutes long.

In this final stage students learn and play each of the above sports and train with sport specific exercises that become more technical and advanced. Rules are taught whilst perseverance and discipline becomes part of the student’s criteria. Through this final year and after 5 years of Sportswise Kids, each and every child can now enter into the competitive world of schools and club sport with confidence and discipline in the knowledge that they can now choose any sport they like. These lessons are 30-45 minutes long.


Sportswise also offers private coaching with highly qualified coaches as well as academies that can grow and develop your child in a specific sport. We can provide personal training
and private lessons for any age up to and including grade 12 for each and every one of the sports mentioned above as well as many more. Contact us for more information.