At Sportswise Coaching we...

  • Supply coaches to over 30 schools in the Western Cape.
    Have 10 years of experience in field and coach management.
    Build relationship with you and simplify your challenge of finding the right coach.
    Fulfill a human resource function by following a comprehensive screening & interview process.
    Are hands-on in managing our coaches.
    Take full responsibility for the coach’s conduct and discipline.
    Consolidate timesheets and remunerate the coaches.
    Handle all disciplinary issues that might arise.
    Always ensure that a coach or coaches will be on duty for a practise or match.
    Provide replacement coaches that can fill in for your coaches/refs or umpires that might be sick, on leave or cannot attend for any other reason.
    We regularly update our coaches on the latest training methods and continually look for ways to improve the quality of our coaches.
    Assess your requirements and send the right coaching staff with the correct coaching equipment and curriculum in order to offer your students the best development opportunity possible.
    We provide coaches for every form of sport currently played at school level in South
    Our coaches are permanently employed by us as we are not labour brokers but a professionally run coaching enterprise that only employs the best coaches.